These terms and conditions, which may be changed periodically, apply to all of our online services. By accessing, searching and using the website or any application on any platform (hereafter referred to as “Platform”) and / or making a reservation, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and have agreed to the terms and conditions listed below. If you do not agree to one of the terms and conditions described below, you cannot use the website or any application.


In addition to the terms defined elsewhere, the following definitions will be applied, unless otherwise stated:

“ Platform” means the website (s), applications, platforms and / or other systems through which the Service is offered.

“Site” means the site that is provided by ACRI ONLINE WORLD SRL, a Romanian-based company, based in Romania, Oradea, Calea Borsului, No.19, Bihor County, having an Order number in the J5 trade register / 323/2016, European Unique Identifier (EUID): ROONRC.J05 / 323/2016, Single Registration Number 35635537.

“Customer Service” means the online customer service department of which can be contacted at for the sole purpose of reporting any technical issues related to the operation of the platform.

“Control Panel” means the online system that can be accessed by the Accommodation Unit through the website for the management of Unit Accommodation Information (including prices, availability, rooms) and reservations.

“Major Force Case” means a fact that is unpredictable and affects more Clients and more Accommodation units: fortuitous case, earthquake, the eruption of a volcano, the storm, tsunami flood, fire, typhoon, bird flu, any other catastrophe (natural), war, terrorist attack, coup d’etat, hostility or any other local or national emergency, invasions, explosions (biological, chemical or nuclear), rebellion riots, insurrections, civil disorder (or material or substantial threat, or justified apprehension of any of the events in progress), reducing or interrupting of transport, closure of airports in compliance with orders or requests from any public authority or any other exceptional or catastrophic event, whereupon the trip or stay of the Customer to the Accommodation Unit becomes impossible or unlawful.

“Accommodation unit” means the hotel service provider (only hotel category facilities are accepted at, which offers reservation services for the facilities, services and rooms available to be reserved on the Platform.

“Client” means a Platform User or a Client of the Accommodation Unit.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means all rights, including intellectual property rights, to the content of the site, trade names, brand, logos, unregistered design, domain name or other similar rights or obligations, whether registered or no, or any other industrial or intellectual property right existing in any territory or jurisdiction in the world. owns the exclusive property of all rights, including all intellectual property rights, on the design and functionality of the Platform that provides the service (including translated content).

“Platforms” means the website (s), applications, tools, platforms and / or other systems of and its other affiliated companies and business partners through which the Service is provided.

“Service” means the online booking system of that offers Clients the possibility to search and check availability for different tourist services and through which Accommodation Units can make their reservation rooms available so that Customers make the desired reservations to these units. Customers can choose from a multitude of services, with the possibility to book tourist services directly from the Site without paying any commission to

“System” means the system that the Accommodation Unit can access and use to administrate the services, functionality, and the Accommodation Unit information (including pricing, booking policies, etc.).


Accommodation Unit Information

The information provided to the portal must include information about the accommodation unit (including photos and descriptions), offered room facilities and services, available rooms, details of the price (clearly specified if including any additional charges) and about policies on availability, cancellation and no-shows, and other policies and restrictions. Accommodation Unit Information can include information about its telephone or fax numbers, e-mail addresses or hotel’s web site address. Accommodation Unit information cannot contain directs referrals to third-party websites. The accommodation unit declares that the information provided is real, complete and non-misleading. does not take any responsibility to verify the information provided by the Accommodation Unit and does not have any responsibility in case they liable for any damage that may arise from the provision of unrealistic and incomplete information. The Accommodation Unit will update and manage the Information through the Control Panel.

Reservation and complaints

When a Customer makes a reservation through the, the platform is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and data provided by Clients. is not responsible for the Customer’s payment obligations to the Accommodation Unit. The accommodation unit is required to check the situation of the bookings in the portal to process all confirmed reservations. acts as agent of the Accommodation Unit and when a Client makes a Reservation via the Platform, a direct contract (and therefore a legal relationship) is created only between the Accommodation Unit and the Client. The accommodation unit is obliged to accept a Customer as a contact person and to treat the reservation made by the customer online in accordance with the Accommodation Unit Information (including the price) contained by the Platform when making the reservation and mentioning it in the Booking Confirmation, all additional information and / or requests expressed by the Client.

Complaints regarding products and services provided by the Accommodation Unit or specific requests made by Clients will be managed by the Accommodation Unit without any intervention from does not assume any responsibility for the tourist products and services offered by the Accommodation Units, and does not guarantee in any way the accuracy or the quality of the products and services published on this Site.

Changes, overbooking and cancellation

If the Customer wishes to cancel or modify the reserved or purchased service (and the Accommodation Unit allows this), it is the Client’s responsibility to inform by e-mail or by phone the Accommodation Unit in this regard. In some cases, it may not be possible to cancel / modify certain tourist services or the Customer will have to comply with certain requirements for these actions. The Accommodation unit can not cancel / modify the tourist service before receiving a firm request from the Client for this purpose. The Customer may cancel the reservation through the Site in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Accommodation Unit.

The accommodation unit will provide reserved rooms and if is unable to meet its obligations under this Contract, for whatever reason, the Accommodation Unit will inform the Client thereof and will make all efforts to offer at Client’s disposal alternatives of equal or higher quality than those chosen by the Client without any additional costs.  The Accommodation Unit will not cancel any reservation made online.

Credit Card Data Security

The Accommodation Unit is required to comply with the requirements, compliance criteria and validation processes as set out in the Payment Card Security Standard (“PCI”). The accommodation accepts the responsibility for the security of the card data processing in the context of this Agreement.

Control panel

The accommodation unit has access to the Control Panel with a username and password chosen during registration.

The accommodation will keep the username and password safe and will not disclose them to anyone. If there is suspicion of the improper use or security breach, the Accommodation Unit will change the password associated with the username.

Case of Force Majeure

In case of Force Majeure, the Accommodation Unit will proceed according to its Regulation which must be in accordance with the local law of its Country.

Accommodation Unit Conditions

Any booking made on the portal will be considered as the Customer’s intention to purchase a certain product or tourist service from the Accommodation Unit. All tourist services published on the portal are subject to the availability of the Accommodation Units. The terms and conditions of the Accommodation Units will apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions of the portal.

The terms of Accommodation Units may include provisions regarding different payment procedures, obligations, cancellations, changes of reservations and refunds of fees, if any, or other restrictions. Also some accommodation units may collect different local taxes.

Customers are directly responsible for meeting the check-in and check-out times required by the Accommodation Unit.


Customer Reviews

Customers have the option to write a review and rate Accommodation Unit with points from 1 to 5. has the right to publish these comments and ratings on Platforms. is a distributor (does not have any obligation to check the content) and not a publisher of these comments.

The accommodation unit has a right to verify the reviews concerning their units. The Accommodation Unit has the right to remove unfavorable comments if these comments include obscenities or name or if it finds an unjustified addition of negative comments in order to discredit the Accommodation Unit. The accommodation unit is not allowed to change the comments content. will not participate in any discussion, negotiation or correspondence of the Clients with Accommodation Unit regarding the comments of the Clients (the content of the comments, the consequences of their publication or distribution). will not accept in any way any liability whatsoever for the content and consequences of any of the Clients’ comments or reviews.

Marketing (online) and PPC advertising has the right but not obligation to promote the Accommodation Unit using its name in online marketing. will run online marketing campaigns at its own expense, and will freely decide in which way.

The accommodation unit is not allowed to use the brand/ logo (including brand name, trademark or another similar identity) in any way by using the Intellectual Property Rights in order to price comparison or for any other purpose without a prior written permission from


In order to pay for the purchased service assumes no responsibility for the amounts of money paid by the Clients in any way.

The accommodation units, according to their terms and conditions, may request full or partial payment for the reservation. The full amount of the payment provided by the Customer will be automatically sent to the Accommodation unit account, without any commission applied by towards the Accommodation units.

The customer is responsible for the payment of the contracted value of the contracted tourist services. The has no obligation to issue any travel documents.

The Accommodation Unit may reserve the right to charge additional fees (commissions) that may occur at the time of booking, related to payment by credit cards. In this case, the Customer must be informed of the applicable fees.

Based on credit card issuer requests, the Accommodation Unit may send Client’s information, the tickets, vouchers or other travel documents to the Customer’s address declared toby the issuer of the credit card. Wrong information about the address may result in the cancellation of the booking, delay in the delivery of the travel documents, and may result in an increase in the confirmed fare at the time of booking. The customer must ensure that the details of his billing address match those on the bank statement.

USE OF THE SITE will not be responsible for the ability or inability of Users to use the platform nor for errors due to inappropriate use of the platform. does not guarantee that the platform cannot be affected by viruses or other actions that may cause malfunctions or other losses.


Customers accept, by using the website or any application thereof on any platform, to comply with the obligations listed below, exemplifying and not limiting to:

– Financial responsibility for all transactions made in the account or the name of the Client;

– are over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to conclude legal acts;

– guarantees the truthfulness of the data provided about the Customer or his / her family members;

– Not to use the website or any of its applications on any platform for speculative purposes, to make false or fraudulent reservations;

– prohibiting the transmission of political, racist, pornographic or other materials contrary to the law;

– the obligation not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, sell, display, license or reproduce the content of the portal, except for the personal and non-commercial use of the information contained in the portal.


The Accommodation Unit declares and warrants that during the duration of this Agreement, the Accommodation Unit has all the necessary authorizations and necessary legal permits to carry out its activity and can be reserved (including for short stays) on the Platform.

If for any reason the Accommodation Unit no longer fulfills the legal requirements for carrying out its activity, it must immediately cancel its account and will no longer publish any room.


The Parties understand and agree that in the execution of this Agreement, each Party may have access to or be exposed, directly or indirectly, to confidential information with respect to the other Party (“Confidential Information”). Confidential Information includes Client data, transaction volume, marketing strategies and business plan, financial, technical, operational, and other such non-public information that is either declared by a party as confidential or are reasonably acknowledged by the other party to be treated as confidential.

Each Party agrees that:
Throughout the duration of the performance of the contract, the parties are bound to keep confidentiality with confidence in the data and information they are aware of when executing the contract. Both parties provide each other with the confidentiality of the data, sources, and information known to them by clients as a result of the execution of this contract.

A Contracting Party shall not have the right, without the express written consent of the other Party:
– to disclose the contract or any other provision thereof to a third party other than those involved in the performance of this contract;
– to use the information and documents obtained or to which he has access during the period of performance of the contract for a purpose other than to fulfill his contractual obligations;
– to make known the financial situation resulting from the performance of this contract.
Disclosure of any information regarding the persons involved in the performance of the contract will be made in a confidential manner and will only extend to the information necessary for the performance of the contract.

A Contracting Party shall be relieved of its responsibility to non-disclose information relating to the contract if:

  1. a) the information was known to the Contracting Party before it was received from the other Contracting Party;
  2. b) the information was disclosed after the express agreement of the other Contracting Party for such disclosure has been obtained;
  3. c) the contracting party was legally bound to disclose the information.

The Accommodation Units and will make reasonable commercial efforts to safely maintain the confidentiality and privacy of Customer Data and to protect them from unauthorized use. The Accommodation Units and agree to comply with all applicable legal data and privacy laws applicable to data processing and privacy protection. The privacy policy of can be found here:


Original version of these General Terms is English and Romanian language. It has been translated into other languages, only for facilitate understanding. Translations are considered an unofficial version, not being able to claim rights. In the event of a dispute over the content or interpretations of these terms and conditions or in the event of a conflict or discrepancy between the English and Romanian versions and the version in any other language, the English and Romanian version shall prevail, it shall apply, will create obligations and will be decisive. The Romanian version will be used in court proceedings. The Romanian version is available on the following website: reserves the right to modify or update at any time the General Terms, the design or the content of the Site without prior notice to Users. The current version of the Terms and Conditions will be published on the Site from the date the changes will take effect.

User accepts these changes by continuing to use the Site. reserves the right to prohibit the access the Site to any User at any time without prior notice.